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by Oliver Hermanus Special Screenings

South Africa, 1981: In order to defend the apartheid regime from communism and the ‘black danger’, white men from the age of 16 are drafted into the military. From one day to the next, the highly sensitive Nicholas finds himself at a tough training camp, along with other young men, where they are pushed to their physical and psychological limits. Moments of cautious affection are scattered between sweat, blood and testosterone, but there is no room for so-called ‘moffies’ in this homophobic and racist environment. Nicholas is forced to suppress his sexuality and his emotional world. In raw, aesthetic images, MOFFIE tells the story of the bias and powerlessness of young men who had to fight for a misanthropic ideology.

As part of this year's "Solidarité Festivals" campaign, this film is presented in collaboration with Bildrausch – Filmfest Basel.

The film will be presented by Nicole Reinhard, Co-Director of the Bildrausch – Filmfest Basel.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: South Africa, UK, 2019
  • Runtime: 104 Min
  • Languages: Afrikaans, English
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Oliver Hermanus
  • Cast: Kai Luke Brummer, Ryan de Villiers, Matthew Vey, Stefan Vermaak, Hilton Pelser
  • Screenplay: Oliver Hermanus, Jack Sidey
  • Cinematography: Jamie D. Ramsay
  • Editors: Alain Dessauvage, George Hanmer
  • Music: Braam du Toit
  • Producers: Eric Abraham, Jack Sidey, Theresa Ryan-Van-Graan, Lamees Albertus, Genevieve Hofmeyr
  • Production Companies: Portobello Productions, Department of Trade and Industry South Africa
  • World Sales: Portobello Film Sales
  • www.moffiefilm.com
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