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  • Zu weit weg

Zu weit weg

by Sarah Winkenstette ZFF for Kids

11-year-old Ben and his family have to leave their home village when a big company wants to mine coal. Ending up in a new city, Ben meets the other new kid: 12-year-old Tariq, who fled the war in Syria. Both have lost their former home and both like to play football. Initially rivals, the two soon become friends, and when Tariq decides to find his brother, Ben is ready to help. Director Sarah Winkenstette’s film debut tackles themes of uprooting, displacement and immigration in a deeply emotional manner. The story takes place in an everyday life setting that is familiar to every child, which facilitates identification with the characters.

Recommended for age 8 or older

  • Genre: Family Film
  • Country, Year: Germany, 2019
  • Runtime: 89 Min
  • Languages: German
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Sarah Winkenstette
  • Cast: Yoran Leicher, Sobhi Awad, Anna König, Andreas Nickl, Julia Hirt
  • Screenplay: Susanne Finken
  • Cinematography: Monika Plura
  • Editor: Nicole Kortlüke
  • Sound: Jonathan Schorr
  • Producers: Milena Klemke, Yvonne Wellie, Jakob D. Weydemann, Jonas Weydemann, Corinna C. Poetter
  • Production Companies: Weydemann Bros., Orange Roughy Filmproduktion, Rotor Film
  • World Sales: Studio Hamburg Enterprises
  • www.weydemannbros.com/filme/zu-weit-weg
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