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The Informer

by Andrea Di Stefano Gala Premieres

All he wanted to do was protect his wife; now Pete Koslow finds himself in prison. Given his honourable past as a special unit soldier, he gets offered the chance to return to his family sooner than expected. As an FBI informant, he is assigned the task of infiltrating the Polish mafia, which operates a flourishing drug dealing business on the streets of New York. As an informant behind the bars of Bale Hill Prison, his mission becomes a race against time when a failed drug deal puts him at risk of being identified as a mole. Koslow soon finds himself caught up in the crossfire between his client, an NYPD police investigation and the all-powerful crime syndicate. Five years after ESCOBAR: PARADISE LOST, director Andrea di Stefano returns with a prison thriller featuring Ana de Armas, Rosamund Pike, Joel Kinnaman and Clive Owen. THE INFORMER takes us into the action-packed underworld of an American metropolis.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Country, Year: UK, USA, 2019
  • Runtime: 113 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: German, French
  • Director: Andrea Di Stefano
  • Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Rosamund Pike, Clive Owen, Ana de Armas, Common
  • Screenplay: Matt Cook, Rowan Joffe, Andrea Di Stefano
  • Cinematography: Daniel Katz
  • Editor: Job ter Burg
  • Sound: Frédéric Le Louet
  • Music: Brooke Blair, Will Blair
  • Producers: Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Robert Jones, Mark Lane, James Harris, Ollie Madden, Lee Broda, Shelley Browning, David Dinerstein, Babak Eftekhari, Anders Erdén, Jonathan Fuhrman, Nicholas Goldfarb, Börge Hellström, Jimmy Holcomb, Gabriel Napora, Jason Resnick, Jeff Rice, Anders Roslund, Vishal Rungta, William Sadleir, Niclas Salomonsson, Shaun Sanghani, Andrea Scarso, Yas Taalat
  • Production Companies: The Fyzz Facility Ltd., Thunder Road Pictures, Maddem Films
  • World Sales: Bloom
  • Swiss Distribution: Impuls Pictures
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