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  • Lillian


by Andreas Horvath Focus Competition

Lillian is stranded. In search of a better life, she moved from Russia to the city of New York. Now her visa has expired and she is unable to get a job – even the producer of a hardcore porn shoot makes it clear there’s no room for her in the Big Apple anymore. Penniless and paperless, Lillian makes a daring decision: with nothing but her feet to carry her, she sets out on an epic journey back towards her Russian homeland, across the states to the north of Alaska and the Bering Strait. Beyond despair and hope, Lillian silently and relentlessly battles through the dreary towns and vast landscapes of a foreign land. Andreas Horvath’s powerful road movie LILLIAN is loosely based on the true, fabled journey of an outsider and marks the fascinating chronicle of a slow disappearance.

  • Genre: Roadmovie
  • Country, Year: Austria, 2019
  • Runtime: 128 Min
  • Languages: English, Russian, Chukchi
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Andreas Horvath
  • Cast: Patrycja Płanik
  • Screenplay: Andreas Horvath
  • Cinematography: Andreas Horvath
  • Editors: Michael Palm, Andreas Horvath
  • Sound: Klaus Kellermann
  • Music: Andreas Horvath
  • Producer: Ulrich Seidl
  • Production Company: Ulrich Seidl Film
  • World Sales: Cercamon
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