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  • Fire Will Come
  • Fire Will Come

Fire Will Come / O que arde

by Oliver Laxe Window: San Sebastián

Traces of life are reflected in Amador’s melancholic gaze. He has just returned to his home village after spending the past two years in jail for arson. Nestled between the arid forests of the Galician mountains, he finds himself back on the small farm alongside his mother Benedicta and their three cows. Nobody in the village has been awaiting the hermit’s return. As life goes on with the wind blowing over the hills, another fire is raging through the forest one night, threatening both land and life. FIRE WILL COME is a mystical nature drama that oscillates hypnotically between tranquil and thunderous. Winner of the “Un Certain Regard” Jury Award at Cannes.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Spain, France, Luxembourg, 2019
  • Runtime: 85 Min
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Oliver Laxe
  • Cast: Amador Arias, Benedicta Sánchez, Inazio Abrao, Elena Fernández, David de Poso, Alvaro de Bazal
  • Screenplay: Oliver Laxe, Santiago Fillol
  • Cinematography: Mauro Herce
  • Editor: Cristóbal Fernandez
  • Sound: David Machado, Sergio Da Silva, Amanda Villavieja, Xavi Souto
  • Producers: Andrea Vázquez, Xavi Font, Andrea Queralt, Mani Mortazavi
  • Co-Producers: Koldo Zuazua, Elise André, Donato Rotunno
  • Production Companies: Miramemira, 4 A 4 Productions, Kowalski Films, Tarantula Belgique
  • World Sales: Pyramide International
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