• The Courier
  • The Courier

The Courier Programme 2021

by Dominic Cooke Gala Premieres

It is the early 1960s and English businessman Greville Wynne is leading a perfectly ordinary life with his wife, Sheila – and it is precisely because of this that he is contacted by the MI6. For when a high-ranking Soviet officer offers to reveal top-secret information about his country's nuclear plans, the British secret service is on the lookout for a suitable contact person. Instead of a trained agent, they need to recruit an unassuming civilian. Their choice is Greville, who is thrown headlong into the middle of the Cold War political conflict. As the Cuban Crisis worsens and widespread mistrust grows, he must prove that he is anything but ordinary. Director Dominic Cooke’s THE COURIER is a spy thriller par excellence. The magnificent Benedict Cumberbatch plays the lead role in this story based on true events.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Country, Year: UK, USA, 2020
  • Runtime: 111 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: German, French
  • Director: Dominic Cooke
  • Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Merab Ninidze, Rachel Brosnahan, Jessie Buckley
  • Screenplay: Tom O'Connor
  • Cinematography: Sean Bobbitt
  • Editors: Tariq Anwar, Gareth C. Scales
  • Music: Abel Korzeniowski
  • Producers: Adam Ackland, Ben Browning, Ben Pugh, Rory Aitken
  • Co-Producer: Donald Sabourin
  • Executive Producers: Leah Clarke, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ashley Fox, Glen Basner, Alison Cohen, Milan Popelka
  • Production Companies: 42, Filmnation Entertainment, SunnyMarch
  • World Sales: Filmnation Entertainment
  • Swiss Distribution: Elite Film AG
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