• Jag är min egen Dolly Parton
  • Jag är min egen Dolly Parton
  • Jag är min egen Dolly Parton

Jag är min egen Dolly Parton

by Jessica Nettelbladt International Documentary Film / Competition

Sweden, 2005. When music producer Gudrun puts together a tribute concert for her idol Dolly Parton, she engages the help of four singers. Over the following year, the five women get to know and cherish each other during a further series of tribute concerts. In I AM MY OWN DOLLY PARTON we meet headstrong Gudrun, who has left her family behind in Iceland to try and build up a new life in Sweden; Nina – already an internationally known star as the lead singer of the Cardigans – who feels completely drained after several years on the road; Lotta, the blond beauty with dreadlocks who dares to defy the expectations of others; Cecilia, whose career as a soul singer ended abruptly following a burnout; and last but not least, the solo singer Helena, who attempts to escape her low self-esteem by creating her own oases of beauty. This film explores with humour and sensitivity the things that motivate these 30-something women: relationships, family, career satisfaction, a wish for children and their current state of their individual lives.

  • Genre: DOC: Love & Relationships
  • Country, Year: Sweden, 2011
  • Runtime: 94 Min
  • Languages: Swedish, Icelandic, English
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Jessica Nettelbladt
  • Cast: Helena Josefsson, Nina Persson, Lotta Wenglén, Cecilia Nordlund, Guðrún Hauksdóttir
  • Screenplay: Jessica Nettelbladt
  • Cinematography: Jessica Nettelbladt
  • Editors: Åsa Mossberg, Sofia Lindgren
  • Sound: Martin Hennel
  • Music: Magnus Jarlbo
  • Producer: Stina Gardell
  • Production Companies: Mantaray Film, Magic Hour Films
  • World Sales: Swedish Film Institute
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