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Cattle Hill

by Lise I. Osvoll ZFF for Kids

Karla, a young cow, is living in the city with her mother, where she dreams of becoming a pop star. One day she gets a letter from her father, whom she has not seen in years. Karla moves to his place on the countryside and helps him to defend his farm against a blackmailing businessman. She spends her time baking cakes, finds a new friend and gradually realises that you can also be a star in your everyday life. This colourfully animated and charming adventure film by Norwegian director Lise I. Osvoll presents us with a strong and cheeky heroine, and the encouraging message that everyone can make something of their life.

Recommended for age 4 or older

  • Genre: Animation
  • Country, Year: Norway, 2018
  • Runtime: 66 Min
  • Languages: Norwegian
  • Subtitles: English, German live synchro
  • Director: Lise I. Osvoll
  • Cast: Henriette Faye-Schøll, Fritjof Såheim, Jan Martin Johnsen
  • Screenplay: Anne Elvedal
  • Editor: Arnt Egil Andreassen
  • Music: Gaute Storaas
  • Producer: Ingvild Evjemo
  • Co-Producer: Jonas Røyem Ny
  • Executive Producers: Ove Heiborg, Fredrik Kiøsterud, Rasmus Sivertsen, Per Arnstein Aamot
  • Production Company: Qvisten Animation
  • World Sales: New Europe Film Sales
  • neweuropefilmsales.com/movies/cattle-hill/
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