• My Extraordinary Summer with Tess
  • My Extraordinary Summer with Tess
  • My Extraordinary Summer with Tess

My Extraordinary Summer with Tess

by Steven Wouterlood ZFF for Kids

Ten-year-old Sam is spending the summer holidays with his family on the Dutch island of Terschelling. On the very first day, his brother breaks his leg, and Sam meets the lively Tess, daughter of the attending nurse. Tess has set herself the goal of finding her father, who is unaware of her existence; and she decides that loner Sam shall be the one to help her in this endeavor. Steven Wouterlood’s feature debut is an emotional coming-of-age drama in which a patchwork family girl and a traditional family boy meet in a whirlwind of contradictory feelings. It advocates mutual acceptance and illustrates that the greatest wealth of man are relationships.

Recommended for age 8 or older

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • Country, Year: Netherlands, Germany, 2019
  • Runtime: 82 Min
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Subtitles: English, German live synchro
  • Director: Steven Wouterlood
  • Cast: Sonny van Utteren, Josephine Arendsen, Tjebbo Gerritsma, Jennifer Hoffman, Julian Ras
  • Screenplay: Anna Woltz, Laura van Dijk
  • Cinematography: Sal Kroonenberg
  • Editor: Christine Houbiers
  • Sound: Jos ten Klooster
  • Music: Franziska Henke
  • Producers: Joram Willink, Piet-Harm Sterk, Marcel Lenz, Guido Schwab, Anna van der Staak
  • Production Companies: BIND, ostlicht filmproduktion , Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep (VPRO)
  • World Sales: Picture Tree International
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