• Il Mangiatore di Pietre / The Stone Eater
  • Il Mangiatore di Pietre / The Stone Eater
  • Il Mangiatore di Pietre / The Stone Eater

Il Mangiatore di Pietre / The Stone Eater

by Nicola Bellucci Special Screenings

In a remote mountain valley in Piedmont, the former human trafficker Cesare discovers the corpse of his nephew Fausto, whom Cesare had introduced to the business. Meanwhile, the Milanese Commissioner Sonia di Meo, who takes on the case, suspects the local drug mafia with which Fausto was mixed up in. When Cesare learns that his nephew left a group of refugees behind on an alp, he decides to set out on his own to bring them back to safety. Soon he is face to face with an unexpected opponent. Set against the back of impressive mountain scenery, Nicola Bellucci’s debut work is a stylish adaptation of the eponymous bestseller by Davide Longo, a story that has maintained particularly poignant in the face of the current refugee drama.

  • Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Country, Year: Switzerland, Italy, 2018
  • Runtime: 109 Min
  • Languages: Italian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Nicola Bellucci
  • Cast: Luigi Lo Cascio, Vincenzo Crea, Bruno Todeschini, Ursina Lardi, Lidiya Liberman, Elena Radonicich, Antonio Zavatteri, Leonardo Nigro, Vanessa Compagnucci, Paola Caprara, Paolo Graziosi, Peppe Servillo
  • Screenplay: Hans W. Geissendörfer, Marco Colli, Nicola Bellucci
  • Cinematography: Simon Guy Fässler
  • Editor: Roberto Missiroli
  • Producers: Pascal Traechslin, Enzo Porcelli
  • Executive Producer: Michela Pini
  • Production Companies: Cineworx Filmproduktion, ACHAB Film
  • Swiss Distribution: Cineworx Filmverleih GmbH
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