• Sueño Florianópolis / Florianópolis Dream
  • Sueño Florianópolis / Florianópolis Dream
  • Sueño Florianópolis / Florianópolis Dream

Sueño Florianópolis / Florianópolis Dream

by Ana Katz Window: San Sebastián

After many years spent together, Lucrecia and Pedro want to part ways. Or something like that. Despite their wobbly relationship, they have decided to go on vacation together with their two almost grown-up children. In a rattling old Renault, they escape the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires and drive to a Brazilian coastal town, where they plan to relax and reminisce over the years they have spent together. The entire family finds themselves ripped out of their lethargy when they meet the couple Marco and Larissa, also separated. A liberating carousel of love begins to develop between swimming excursions and lively evening discussions. Director Ana Katz avoids all clichés and provides a sensitive, authentic, and simply wonderful character study.

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country, Year: Argentina, Brazil, France, 2018
  • Runtime: 97 Min
  • Languages: Spanish, Portuguese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Ana Katz
  • Cast: Mercedes Morán, Gustavo Garzón, Marco Ricca, Andrea Beltrão, Manuela Martinez
  • Screenplay: Ana Katz, Daniel Katz
  • Cinematography: Gustavo Biazzi
  • Editor: Andrés Tambornino
  • Sound: Jésica Suarez
  • Music: Maximiliano Silveira, Beto Villares, Erico Theobaldo, Arthur de Faría
  • Producers: Nicolás Avruj, Beto Gauss, Camila Groch, Diego Lerman, Ana Katz, Francesco Civita, Dominique Barneaud, Adrien Oumhani, Nicolás Avruj, Camila Groch, Beto Gauss
  • Production Companies: Campo Cine, Prodigo Films, Groch Filmes, Laura Cine, Bellota Films
  • World Sales: Film Factory Entertainment
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