• Womit haben wir das verdient?
  • Womit haben wir das verdient?
  • Womit haben wir das verdient?

Womit haben wir das verdient?

by Eva Spreitzhofer Focus Competition

Wanda's world has been turned upside down when her teenage daughter Nina suddenly turns up in a hijab. Secretly, Nina has converted to Islam; she exclusively eats halal, strictly observes the prayer times and wishes to be called Fatima. Mother of a liberal Viennese patchwork family, Wanda is appalled; she has always strongly stood against religious fanaticism. However, all attempts to make Nina see reason fail. To make matters worse, Wanda’s ex-husband has just fathered a child with his latest wife, and Wanda begins to yearn for a time when her only problems were her daughter’s truancy and pot smoking. When she meets Hanife, the mother of Nina's Muslim girlfriend, she finds an ally. Hanife, who immigrated to Austria as a child, is determined to save her daughter from the extremely old-fashioned image of women, which Nina is enthusiastically preaching. Eva Spreitzhofer's culture-clash comedy negotiates a highly topical theme with playful ease.

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country, Year: Austria, 2018
  • Runtime: 90 Min
  • Languages: German, Turkish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Eva Spreitzhofer
  • Cast: Caroline Peters, Chantal Zitzenbacher, Simon Schwarz, Marcel Mohab, Anna Laimanee
  • Screenplay: Eva Spreitzhofer
  • Cinematography: Xiaosu Han, Andreas Thalhammer
  • Editor: Alarich Lenz
  • Music: Iva Zabkar,
  • Producers: Thomas Hroch, Gerald Podgornig
  • Production Company: Mona Film Produktion
  • World Sales: Pluto Film
  • Swiss Distribution: Frenetic Films AG
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