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Divino Amor / Divine Love Programme 2021

by Gabriel Mascaro Feature Film Competition

Brazil in a not too distant future. Joana and her husband Danilo are lost in the sound of a synth pop concert. In neon illuminated letters the words “100% Jesus. Love. God” appear on a screen. Joana is a devout woman, her childless marriage a problem because it does not adhere to the family ideal preached by the state. With the help of the religious group “Divino Amor”, the couple hopes for a much-desired offspring – the epitome of divine love. Verses from the Bible and unusual sex rituals are supposed to help the achievement of this highest of goals. In a world of fast prayers at drive-in churches and full-body scanners in every public building, faith is the last sacrosanct. When a miracle happens to Joana, however, nobody wants to believe her. Director Gabriel Mascaro, an outstanding talent of Brazil’s exciting new generation, presents DIVINO AMOR, a perhaps futuristic, yet certainly topical drama, which captivates with its poetic imagery and 80s score.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Brazil, Uruguay, Denmark, Norway, Chile, Switzerland, Sweden, 2019
  • Runtime: 101 Min
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Gabriel Mascaro
  • Cast: Dira Paes, Julio Machado, Emílio de Melo, Teca Pereira, Mariana Nunes, Thalita Carauta
  • Screenplay: Gabriel Mascaro, Rachel Daisy Ellis, Lucas Paraizo, Esdras Bezerra
  • Cinematography: Diego Garcia
  • Editors: Livia Serpa, Eduardo Serrano, Fernando Epstein, George Cragg
  • Sound: Fabián Oliver
  • Music: Juan Campodónico, Santiago Marrero, Otávio Santos
  • Producer: Rachel Daisy Ellis
  • Co-Producers: Sandino Saravia Vinay, Katrin Pors, Augusto Matte, Dan Wechsler, Jamal Zeinal Zade, Maria Ekerhovd, Anthony Muir, Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin
  • Production Companies: Desvia, Malbicho Cine, Snowglobe Film, Mer Film, Jirafa Films, Bord Cadre Films SARL, Film i Väst AB, Canal Brasil, Globo Filmes
  • World Sales: Memento Films International
  • www.bordcadrefilms.com/divine-love/
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