My Life without Air / Moj život bez zraka

by Bojana Burnać International Documentary Film / Competition

Goran Colak can spend an unbelievable 22 ½ minutes under water. While cameras point at an extraordinary scene, it is only the voice of his trainer and a small child that break the icy silence. Surfacing, Goran is now a world champion. In spite of suffering from chronic apnoea, the successful freediver has turned holding his breath into a career. The kick and fascination is obviously greater than the fear of serious consequences. Filmmaker Bojana Burnac accompanied the mysterious and fiercely determined athlete over a period of five years. She follows him in every respect, from the depths of the ocean to the breathing tent in his bedroom and offers sensitive insight into the life of a quiet and success-driven man who continually pushes his body to its very limits. The film can be read as a metaphor for the universal questions of life: why are we here? And what constitutes a happy life?

  • Genre: DOC: Social & Human Interest
  • Country, Year: Croatia, 2017
  • Runtime: 73 Min
  • Languages: Croatian
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Bojana Burnać
  • Cast: Goran Čolak, Ivan Drviš
  • Screenplay: Bojana Burnać
  • Cinematography: Bojana Burnać
  • Editor: Jelena Maksimović
  • Sound: Jakov Munizaba
  • Producer: Oliver Sertić
  • Executive Producer: Tibor Keser
  • Production Company: Restart
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5 reviews

Roger S (rs), 9 Months ago

Es sind Filme wie «My Life Without Air», die für mich den Reiz des ZFF's ausmachen. Bojana Burnać widmet dem Thema Apnoetauchen sowie für ein Porträt von Free-Diver Goran Colak sieben Jahre ihres Lebens, wie sie vor der Projektion selber mitteilt. Aber erst die äusserst informative Q&A mit der Filmemacherin aus Kroatien (u. a. auf Unterwasserfilm spezialisiert) vermittelt mir ein Verständnis über die spezielle Machart ihres Werks.

Bojana Burnać vermittelt auch in einem Video-Interview interessante Informationen (am Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, auf Engl.;

Ob es die ruhig aufgemachte Dokumentation mit einem faszinierenden Einblick in das Leben des auf seinen Sport völlig fokussierten Goran Colak auch in das Programm der Schweizer Kinos schafft, wird sich zeigen.

Ahab Dent, 9 Months ago

"My Life Without Air" is a very personal film about Goran Colak. I thought we are going to see a documentary about freediving and the characters who are participating in it. The director Bojana Burnać instead made a character study only about Goran Colak. What really fascinated me was the way this movie was directed. It felt to me that the film almost became like Goran himself in order to make us understand him. He is quite the introvert and extremely driven by becoming the best freediver. Instead of letting information and numbers rain over us, the movie mimics the protagonist. This is a unique and brave way to direct that should be appreciated. Gorans motives about freediving in general are debatable but that's just how he is.

Isa V, 9 Months ago

Erich Schwarz, 9 Months ago

Formal herausragend, die Kamera als neugieriger, aber zurückhaltender Beobachter. PS: Danke an Roger S für den Link zum Interview (unten)

Gröbers Grien us dr Chiesgruebe, 9 Months ago

Dieser Film benötigt einen langen Atem, den ich leider nicht hatte.