• Nadie nos mira / Nobody's Watching
  • Nadie nos mira / Nobody's Watching
  • Nadie nos mira / Nobody's Watching

Nadie nos mira / Nobody's Watching

by Julia Solomonoff Feature Film Competition

For an upcoming film project in New York Nico has given up everything he had – his house in Buenos Aires, a part in a successful TV series and his long-term relationship with producer Martín. Upon his arrival in the Big Apple, the project falls through, however. Nico finds himself odd-jobbing as a waiter and babysitter while sleeping on couches. Casting agents deem him too blond to play a typical Latino, his accent being too strong to allow him other parts. Alone yet hopeful, Nico is left drifting through a city full of possibilities. Slowly he comes to realise that it is not just his friends he is fooling, but also himself. Director Julia Solomonoff returns to Zurich with her third feature after attending the first ZFF edition thirteen years ago with her debut. Set against the backdrop of a melancholic urban landscape, the New York-based Argentinean director’s film NADIE NOS MIRA humorously tells of the loneliness and loss of identity that comes with uprooting to a different city.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, USA, 2017
  • Runtime: 102 Min
  • Languages: Spanish, English
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Julia Solomonoff
  • Cast: Guillermo Pfening, Rafael Ferro, Paola Baldion, Elena Roger, Cristina Morrison
  • Screenplay: Julia Solomonoff, Christina Lazaridi
  • Cinematography: Lucio Bonelli
  • Editors: Andrés Tambornino, Karen Sztanjberg, Pablo Barbieri
  • Music: Sacha Amback
  • Producers: Felicitas Raffo, Andrés Longares, Natalia Agudelo Campillo, Nicolás Herreño Leal, Lucía Murat, Jaime Mateus Tique, Elisa Lleras
  • Co-Producers: Isabel Coixet , Juan Perdomo , Georges Schoucair, Bogdan Apetri, Daniel Chabannes, Corentin Senechal, Jana Díaz Juhl, Pau Brunet
  • Executive Producers: María Teresa Arida, Julia Solomonoff
  • Production Companies: Cepa Audiovisual, MadLove Film Factory, Taiga Filmes e Video, Aleph Motions Picture, La Panda Productions, Travesía Producciones
  • World Sales: FiGa Films
  • www.facebook.com/nadienosmirapelicula
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