• Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web
  • Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web
  • Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web

Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web

by Annie Goldson Special Screenings

It is not only the gigantic estate among the luscious green hills of New Zealand, but also the luxury yacht, private helicopter and sports car lifestyle that stands as a testimony to the prowess of notorious hacker, businessman and Megaupload-founder Kim Dotcom. But as glittering as this façade may be, the Internet pioneer’s past is not. Initially wanted for credit card fraud in 1994, the allegations against Kim built up as the years went by. They reached their pinnacle in 2012 with a media storm surrounding his latest dispute with the US government. At the same time, he transformed into one of the most important advocates for the liberalisation of the Internet. KIM DOTCOM is the enthralling story of one of the best-loved and most hated figures in the online world.

  • Genre: DOC: Technology & Economics
  • Country, Year: New Zealand, 2017
  • Runtime: 108 Min
  • Languages: English, German
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Annie Goldson
  • Screenplay: Annie Goldson, Adam Ruszkowski, Simon Raby, Marcus Winterbauer, Laela Kilbourn
  • Cinematography: Dominic Fryer
  • Editor: Simon Coldrick
  • Music: Plan 9 - David Donaldson, Steve Roche, Janet Roddick
  • Producer: Alexander Behse
  • Co-Producer: Annie Goldson
  • Production Company: Decoding Pictures Ltd
  • kimdotcom.film
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