• Heartbound / Hjertelandet
  • Heartbound / Hjertelandet
  • Heartbound / Hjertelandet

Heartbound / Hjertelandet

by Janus Metz, Sine Plambech Documentary Competition

25 years ago, Sommai, a former prostitute from Pattaya, followed tourist Niels to the windy north of Denmark. Ever since, she has helped Thai women from her hometown find the right Danish partner. One of these women is Sommai's granddaughter Kae, who travels to Denmark to offer her son a better future. When Sommai and her husband, Niels, place an ad in the newspaper, it does not take long for a response to be placed by a first hopeful candidate. Saeng is also dreaming of marrying a foreigner, however, she is too young to migrate to Denmark, which is why she tries her luck on Pattaya's club scene. Meanwhile, after more than two decades in Europe's north, Sommai herself increasingly yearns for her Thai home. Ten years later, filmmakers Janus Metz and Sine Plambech revisit their protagonists to discover how matrimonial migration has changed their lives and that of their children. HEARTBOUND gives a unique and touching insight into intercultural marriages and the pursuit of love, security and financial stability.

  • Genre: DOC: Social & Human Interest
  • Country, Year: Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, 2018
  • Runtime: 90 Min
  • Languages: Danish, Thai, English
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Directors: Janus Metz, Sine Plambech
  • Cast: Sommai Molbæk, Niels Jørgen Molbæk, Jarinya Andersen, Kjeld B. Andersen, Saowalak Nielsen, John Nielsen, Frank Andersen, Prasoet Navoram, Saengrawi Ainchan-Saa, Titakorn Phoothanonnok, Nuntawat Tantiang
  • Screenplay: Janus Metz, Sine Plambech
  • Cinematography: Henrik Bohn Ipsen
  • Editors: Marion Seraina Tuor, Søren Ebbe
  • Sound: Niklas Skarp
  • Music: Uno Helmersson
  • Producer: Lise Lense-Møller
  • Production Companies: Magic Hour Films, Metz Film, Upfront Films, Vilda Bomben, BALDR Film, Film i Väst AB
  • World Sales: Autlook Filmsales GmbH
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