• Quién te Cantará
  • Quién te Cantará
  • Quién te Cantará

Quién te Cantará

by Carlos Vermut Feature Film Competition

Upon opening her eyes, Lila Cassen has no recollection of who she is. In recent years, the formerly successful singer and fallen diva had retreated to her villa by the sea. Shortly before her previously scheduled comeback, she wakes up at the hospital, unable to remember her agent or her own music. Her greatest fan, karaoke singer Violeta, however, knows every one of her songs by heart. Currently an overwhelmed mother of one, Violeta has often dreamed of meeting her idol. When one day she gets an incredible offer: to help Lila Cassen become the performer she once was.
Layer by layer, director Carlos Vermut reveals the mysterious identity of his female characters. The film is a composition of a highly visual aesthetic with a surreal melodrama about identity, yearning and illusion.

  • Genre: Melodrama
  • Country, Year: Spain, France, 2018
  • Runtime: 124 Min
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Carlos Vermut
  • Cast: Najwa Nimri, Eva Llorach, Carme Elías, Natalia de Molina
  • Screenplay: Carlos Vermut
  • Cinematography: Edu Grau
  • Editor: Marta Velasco
  • Sound: Dani de Zayas
  • Music: Alberto Iglesias
  • Producer: Enrique López Lavigne
  • Co-Producers: Marta Velasco, Sylvie Pialat
  • Executive Producers: Enrique López Lavigne, Marta Velasco, Alejandro Arenas Azorín
  • Production Companies: Apache Films, Áralan Films, Les Films du Worso
  • World Sales: Film Factory Entertainment
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