• Amelie rennt
  • Amelie rennt
  • Amelie rennt

Amelie rennt

by Tobias Wiemann ZFF for Kids

Amelie is 13 years of age and a true city kid, quite possibly the naughtiest girl in the whole of Berlin. She never does as she is told – particularly when it comes to obeying her parents. When she is sent to a special clinic in South Tyrol following a life-threatening asthma attack, she decides to run away. On a mountain meadow, Amelie meets a mysterious 15-year-old with the strange name of Bart. Amelie cannot really stand these country boy types, but realizes that Bart may be much cooler than she initially imagined. Together, they set off on an adventurous ascent. Director Tobias Wiemann not only succeeds in sympathetically and humorously communicating the feelings of friendship and first love, but also provides an authentic view of the problems that a chronic disease such as asthma can entail.

  • Genre: Children
  • Country, Year: Germany, Italy, 2017
  • Runtime: 97 Min
  • Languages: German
  • Director: Tobias Wiemann
  • Cast: Mia Kasalo, Samuel Girardi, Susanne Bormann, Denis Moschitto, Jasmin Tabatabai, Shenia Pitschmann, Jerry Hoffmann
  • Screenplay: Natja Brunckhorst
  • Cinematography: Martin Schlecht
  • Editor: Andreas Radtke
  • Sound: Uve Haußig
  • Music: Tobias Kuhn, Markus Perner
  • Producers: Philipp Budweg, Thomas Blieninger, Martin  Rattini
  • Production Companies: Lieblingsfilm GmbH, Helios sustainable films GmbH
  • World Sales: Arri Media International
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