• Stille Reserven / Hidden Reserves
  • Stille Reserven / Hidden Reserves
  • Stille Reserven / Hidden Reserves
  • Stille Reserven / Hidden Reserves

Stille Reserven / Hidden Reserves

by Valentin Hitz Focus Switzerland, Germany, Austria / Competition

Vienna in the not too distant future. The city becomes sombre and colourless when an unscrupulous insurance company begins its dirty trade. Ruthless business people have created a totalitarian system in which the ‘customer’ no longer has the right to die naturally but rather is kept alive artificially for as long as their mental or physical resources are useful. Cold-blooded careerist Vincent Baumann earns his money with death insurance. The rebellious activist Lisa Sokulowa, on the other hand, is living in an impoverished parallel society underground trying to find a way to shut down the life support factory. When Vincent is sent to track her down, a dangerous cat and mouse game begins. However, the two must eventually convene if they are to follow their own secret interests… STILLE RESERVEN is the dystopian vision of an unscrupulous future society in which both feelings and affection are nothing more than glimmers of hope.

  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Country, Year: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, 2016
  • Runtime: 96 Min
  • Languages: German
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Valentin Hitz
  • Cast: Clemens Schick, Lena Lauzemis, Daniel Olbrychski, Marion Mitterhammer, Marcus Signer
  • Screenplay: Valentin Hitz
  • Cinematography: Martin Gschlacht
  • Editor: Karina Ressler
  • Sound: Uve Haussig, Manu Gerber
  • Music: Balz Bachmann
  • Producers: Oliver Neumann, Sabine Moser
  • Co-Producers: Alexander Ris, Christine Haupt, Karin Koch, Frank Evers, Helge Neubronner , Andreas Eicher
  • Production Companies: Freibeuterfilm, Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion, Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion GmbH
  • www.facebook.com/StilleReserven/
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