by Lisa Brühlmann, Yasmin Joerg, Jan-Eric Mack, Luca Ribler, Wendy Pillonel Focus Switzerland, Germany, Austria / Competition

August 1st in Zurich. An unbearably hot day. While many are celebrating the Swiss national holiday, five individual fates take their course: 1. As a symbol against capitalism in Switzerland, Vinc is planning an attack in the city centre. 2. Tibetan descendent Sonam is struggling to settle into her new job as a police officer – worse still, she makes a major mistake during her first operation. 3. Hunter Edi’s status quo is unbalanced when a financial predicament puts his morals to the test. 4. Young Ukrainian Sonja arrives in Zurich full of hope to surprise the love of her life – but she is in for an even bigger surprise. 5. Chilean Javier no longer feels at home in Switzerland and decides to return – with his daughter, but without her mother’s knowledge – to his motherland. PERIPHERIE is a collective project by 15 graduates of the Zurich University of the Arts – an elegantly interwoven anthology film whose protagonists are united in the search for autonomy, dignity and respect.

  • Genre: Anthology Film
  • Country, Year: Switzerland, 2016
  • Runtime: 82 Min
  • Languages: Swiss German, German, English, Russian, Spanish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Directors: Lisa Brühlmann, Yasmin Joerg, Jan-Eric Mack, Luca Ribler, Wendy Pillonel
  • Cast: Jaap Achterberg, José Barros, Pema Shitsetsang, Yelena Tronina, Roger Bonjour
  • Screenplay: Romana Friedli, Remie Blaser, Olga Dinnikova, Jérôme Furrer
  • Cinematography: Ramón Königshausen, Simon Bitterli, Lukas Graf, Manuel Haefele, Kevin Rodriguez
  • Editors: Simon Gutknecht, Fabian Kaiser, Noemi Preiswerk, Fleur Matson, Lisa Gertsch
  • Sound: Benoit Barraud, Luisa Ricar, Lukas Erni, Felix Hergert, Michael Karrer, Salomé Wüllner, Matthias Sahli
  • Music: Dimitri Käch
  • Producers: Gilles Germann, Rea Televantos
  • Production Company: ZHdK, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
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