• The Family / Družina
  • The Family / Družina
  • The Family / Družina

The Family / Družina

by Rok Bicek Special Screenings

Faced with caring for his mentally disabled brother at the tender age of 14, Matej rarely has time to spend with kids his own age. When he becomes a father at the age of 20, it seems, at least for a short while, that he is capable of overcoming his past and starting his own family. But deeply shaped by the past, his behaviour and personality threaten to destroy his newfound happiness. Two months after the birth of his daughter, Matej and his girlfriend separate. Matej has no choice but to fight for custody of his child and is forced to take drastic action as the fight turns bitter. For a period of ten years, filmmaker Rok Biček accompanied Matej and his dysfunctional family. His film can be seen as an almost documentary equivalent of Richard Linklater’s BOYHOOD. Winner of Locarno’s ‘Semaine de la Critique’.

  • Genre: DOC: Family & Relationships
  • Country, Year: Slovenia, Austria, 2017
  • Runtime: 106 Min
  • Languages: Slovenian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Rok Bicek
  • Cast: Matej Rajk, Nia Kastelec, Barbara Kastelec, Alenka Rajk, Boris Rajk, Mitja Rajk, Ivka Gruden, Emanoela Škulj, Robert Krese, Aleksej Kastelec, Estera Dvornik, Gabrijela Simetinger
  • Cinematography: Rok Bicek
  • Editors: Rok Bicek, Yulia Roschina
  • Sound: Julij Zornik
  • Producers: Rok Bicek, Erna Gorse Beck
  • Production Companies: Cvinger Film, Zwinger Film
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