• Staatenlos – Klaus Rózsa, Fotograf
  • Staatenlos – Klaus Rózsa, Fotograf
  • Staatenlos – Klaus Rózsa, Fotograf

Staatenlos – Klaus Rózsa, Fotograf

by Erich Schmid Special Screenings

For decades, photographer and political activist Klaus Rózsa remained a thorn in the eye of the Swiss police. Having fled Hungary in 1956, he was raised in Switzerland by a Jewish father who survived Auschwitz. Perhaps it was his close proximity to this experience that repeatedly led him and his camera to places clouded by injustice. Rózsa meticulously followed left wing, socio-political movements, such as Zurich’s 1980s youth uprising – an activity during the height of the Cold War that soon made him a target for Switzerland’s state security service, which wrote: “he hinders the work of the police because he takes photographs of police brutality”. Director Erich Schmied draws a portrait of an active Zurich contemporary and tells the story of an eventful life.

  • Genre: DOC: Portrait
  • Country, Year: Switzerland, 2016
  • Runtime: 96 Min
  • Languages: Swiss German, German, Hungarian
  • Subtitles: German, English
  • Director: Erich Schmid
  • Cast: Klaus Rózsa, Olga Majumder Rózsa, Egon Rózsa Jurinkovits
  • Screenplay: Erich Schmid
  • Cinematography: Ueli Nüesch
  • Editors: Antoine Boissonnas, Ruth Schläpfer
  • Sound: Dieter Meyer
  • Music: André Bellmont, Marcel Vaid
  • Producer: Erich Schmid
  • Production Company: Ariadnefilm GmbH
  • Swiss Distribution: Praesens Film AG
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