• The Islands and the Whales
  • The Islands and the Whales
  • The Islands and the Whales

The Islands and the Whales

by Mike Day Documentary Competition

Off the coast of northern Scotland lie the Faroe Islands, whose residents have lived from and with the sea since prehistory. Catching pilot whales and seabirds is an integral part of their culture – and their diet. Today, the islanders’ health is at risk due to high levels of toxic mercury in the whale meat, and the rare birds are on the verge of extinction. The people of Faroe increasingly find themselves caught in the crossfire of angry animal rights activists and environmentalists from around the world. Even when a respected toxicologist tries to explain connection between eating poisoned whale meat and the increase in cases of Parkinson’s, the islanders react with scepticism. Their traditions seem too deeply anchored in a historical context for them to disregard what the have been taught. With some spectacular aerial photography, Scottish director Mike Day took four years to capture an extremely complex debate about identity, the environment and the welfare of both humans and animals on film.

  • Genre: DOC: Social & Human Interest
  • Country, Year: UK, Denmark, 2016
  • Runtime: 83 Min
  • Languages: Faroese, English, Danish
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Mike Day
  • Cinematography: Mike Day
  • Editors: Mary Lampson, Nicole Hálová, Claire Ferguson, David Charap
  • Music: Antony Partos, Mike Sheridan
  • Producers: Mike Day, Henrik Underbjerg, Stefan Frost, Minette Nelson, David Eckles, George Day, Karen Day, John Atkinson, Phil Noran, Matt Day, Niall Christie, Rachel Wexler, Jez Lewis, Lisa Lazareck
  • Production Company: Intrepid Cinema
  • World Sales: ro*co films international
  • www.facebook.com/theislandsandthewhales/
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