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  • Eva Nová
  • Eva Nová

Eva Nová

by Marko Škop Feature Film Competition

Eva is a film star. Or at least she was. Her heyday in the limelight is far behind her. Years of alcohol abuse, the end of the communist era and competition from younger actresses have destroyed her career. Fresh from the rehab clinic, she is determined to get her private life back on track, if nothing else. But this is a task easier said than done. In order to concentrate on her professional life, Eva entrusted her son to the care of her sister, Manka, and has since lost all contact with the now 40-year-old man. When she suddenly decides to knock at his door one day, she is hit by a wall of rejection. But Eva wants to do things right this time and will do whatever it takes to win back the love of her son. The inspiration for director Marko Škop’s debut feature came from an interview he did years ago with the now deceased French actress Annie Girardot. EVA NOVÁ is a fictive homage to an actress who must finally put herself into the real-life role of a mother. The film underlines a family’s abysmal lows, coherence and love.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Slovakia, Czech Republic, 2015
  • Runtime: 106 Min
  • Languages: Slovak
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Marko Škop
  • Cast: Emília Vásáryová, Milan Ondrík, Anikó Vargová, Zofia Martisová
  • Screenplay: Marko Škop
  • Cinematography: Ján Melis
  • Editors: Frantisek Krähenbiel, Marina Andree Skop
  • Sound: Jan Cenek
  • Producers: Marko Škop, Ján Melis
  • Co-Producer: Alice Tabery
  • Production Company: Artileria
  • www.artileria.sk
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