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Sleeping Giant

by Andrew Cividino Feature Film Competition

Just like every other year, 15-year-old Adam is spending his summer vacation with his parents on rugged Lake Superior. Unlike every other year, the introverted redhead befriends Nate and Riley, two smart aleck cousins from underprivileged families. Adam soon enters an exciting new world of reckless dares, pot smoking and shoplifting. But a series of events not only puts the bourgeois holiday routine of Adam’s family to the test, but also his fragile newfound friendship with the two boys. Director Andrew Cividino’s debut feature examines the wit and charm of pubescent boys and serves us a toxic adolescent cocktail of naivety, immaturity, rivalry, jealousy, low self- esteem and heedless irresponsibility. A bleak coming-of-ager for teens and adults alike.

  • Genre: Coming of Age
  • Country, Year: Canada, 2015
  • Runtime: 90 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: German
  • Director: Andrew Cividino
  • Cast: Jackson Martin, Reece Moffett, Nick Serino, David Disher, Erika Brodzky, Rita Serino, Katelyn McKerracher, Lorraine Philip, Kyle Bertrand
  • Screenplay: Andrew Cividino, Aaron Yeger, Blain Watters
  • Cinematography: James Klopko
  • Editor: James Vandewater
  • Sound: Adam Parsons
  • Music: Chris Thornborrow, Bruce Peninsula
  • Producers: Karen Harnisch, Marc Swenker, Aaron Yeger, James Vandewater, Andrew Cividino
  • Executive Producer: Aeschylus Poulos
  • Production Companies: Film Forge Productions, Hawkeye Pictures
  • World Sales: Seville International
  • www.sleepinggiantfilm.com/
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