• The Walk (3D)
  • The Walk (3D)
  • The Walk (3D)

The Walk (3D)

by Robert Zemeckis Gala Premieres

Frenchman Philippe Petit dreams of making the impossible possible, an illegal tightrope walk between the two 417-meter high towers of the World Trade Center. It seems impossible to gain access to the world’s highest and still incomplete building, let alone cross a cable at these dizzying heights without a net or safety belt. Under the guidance of his mentor, Papa Rudy, and with a colourful group of international helpers, Petit battles against a torrent of resistance, breaches of trust and differences of opinion and overcomes the risks to finally put his plan into action on August 7, 1974. Robert Zemeckis’ urban adventure film THE WALK is the portrait of a tightrope walker and an homage to an unforgettable building.
(3D screening)

  • Genre: Biopic
  • Country, Year: USA, 2015
  • Runtime: 124 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: German, French
  • Director: Robert Zemeckis
  • Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale, Charlotte Le Bon
  • Screenplay: Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Browne
  • Cinematography: Dariusz Wolski
  • Editor: Jeremiah O'Driscoll
  • Music: Alan Silvestri
  • Producers: Tom Rothman, Steve Starkey
  • Executive Producer: Robert Zemeckis
  • Production Company: ImageMovers
  • World Sales: Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Swiss Distribution: The Walt Disney Company (Switzerland) GmbH
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