Science Film Award


Science Film Award

Five films are in the running for the fourth Science Film Award, which is presented by the Eye On Science association. The ZFF has thus launched a film prize that is important for society. The Science Film Award builds a bridge between art and science and encourages filmmakers to deal more with scientific topics.

The Science Film Award will be presented on Friday, 30 September.

Nominated for the Science Film Award

TikTok, Boom_SFA

TIKTOK, BOOM (Director: Shalini Kantayya)

#sciencecheck Talk after the film on Tuesday, 27 September
Guests: Fabrizio Gilardi, Professor of Policy Analysis at UZH and Director of the Digital Democracy Lab; Noemi Festic, Scientist for Media Change & Innovation UZH
Language: German

Fire of Love_SFA

FIRE OF LOVE (Director: Sara Dosa)

#sciencecheck talk after the film on Friday, 23 September
Guests: Olivier Bachmann, Professor of Volcanology at the ETH
Language: English

The Territory_SFA

THE TERRITORY (Director: Alex Pritz)



RUBIKON (Director: Leni Lauritsch)

#sciencecheck Talk after the film on Friday, 23 September
Guests: Oliver Ullrich, Professor of Aerospace Medicine and Director UZH Space Hub; Calista Fischer, Archaeologist and Religious Scientist UZH Space Hub; Leni Lauritsch, Director
Language: German


ALPENLAND (Director: Robert Schabus)
#sciencecheck Talk after the film on Wednesday, 28 September
Guests: Irmi Seidl, Professor and Head of the Research Unit Economics and Social Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL;Bernhard Tschofen, Professor for Cultural Studies of Space at the UZH. Language: German


Tom Crowther, Professor of Ecology at ETH.
Niklaus Hilber, screenwriter and director
Kathrin Hönegger, journalist and author
Katharina Weikl, Deputy Director of the Graduate Campus
at the University of Zurich, curator and filmmaker