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The Zurich Film Festival takes place from September 28 to October 8, 2017.

Media Dossier

Media Dossier 13th Zurich Film Festival (PDF)

Media conferences

Media conferences 2017 (PDF)


Photocalls 2017 (PDF)

Green Carpets

Green Carpets 2017 (PDF)

Meet the Filmmakers

Meet the Filmmakers 2017 (PDF)

Press Screenings

Press Screenings 2017 (PDF)

ZFF Masters

ZFF Masters 2017 (PDF)

ZFF Talks

ZFF Talks 2017 (PDF)

Press Junkets

Press Junkets 2017 (PDF)

Sound and video material on

Download Portal for Accredited Journalists

The Zurich Film Festival offers accredited journalists the possibility to download video material, original production sounds, interviews, photos and texts for each film and event. This service is brought to you in association with Territory Movie Database for professionals (, the film industry’s largest online platform for press and promotional material.

A separate section for the Zurich Film Festival can be found at

The download centre will be updated daily for the duration of the festival. Register and receive an instant email containing your password.


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ZFF 2017 logo package (zip)