Podcast: Glenn Close

Glenn Close

ZFF Masters: Glenn Close (2017)

Glenn Close was a guest at the Zurich Film Festival in 2017 to receive the festival’s prestigious Golden Icon Award for having made a lasting artistic contribution to the art of cinema with films such as THE BIG CHILL, FATAL ATTRACTION, DANGEROUS LIAISONS and ALBERT NOBBS. Close is known for doing intensive research on her film roles. From taking the script for the 1987’s film FATAL ATTRACTION to real psychiatrists to adding phrases from the animated film 101 DALMATIANS to the role of Cruella De Vil in the 1996’s feature film to make her even meaner. There is not a single person she can’t charm with her energy and her incredible stories.

Hosted by: Wendy Mitchell
Language: Englisch
Duration: ca. 55 Min.

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Show Notes

  • Glenn Close opens the ZFF Masters with reflections on the beginning of her movie career, since she actually has a theatre background. She talks about the transition from stage to screen along her feature debut THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP. [02:38]
  • The extensive research phase she went through – including consultations with psychiatrists – for one of her most famous roles: Alex Forrest in FATAL ATTRACTION. [10:25]
  • The general amount of thinking Glenn Close puts into her performances, leading to different interpretations of, for instance, plays she has already been in earlier in her career such as Sunset Boulevard or of the play-turned-film ALBERT NOBBS. [15:20]
  • Inevitably the discussion turns to THE WIFE, for which she was deservedly nominated for an Academy Award. How did she prepare for the part of Joan Castleman and how was the experience working so closely together with Jonathan Pryce, with whom she portrays this intense marriage. [20:55]
  • The great array of different roles that Glenn Close has already performed, from Sci-Fi adventures such as GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY to dystopian zombie films like THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS. [25:42]
  • In addition to plays and films, she has also acted in several TV shows. She gives interesting insights into her work for FX’s DAMAGES and how it feels to portray the same character over several years. [29:09]
  • Preparing for the part of the infamous «bad girl» Cruella De Vil in 101 DALMATIANS. [35:00]
  • Glenn Close answers some audience questions regarding the inherent paradox of Hollywood (sexism vs. liberalism), a potential film version of Sunset Boulevard, learning from failures, men’s real-life reaction to DANGEROUS LIAISONS and FATAL ATTRACTION, filming with John Malkovich and finally, ending on a rendition of Cruella De Vil’s evil laugh. [42:41]