Podcast: Arnold Schwarzenegger


A Conversation with… Arnold Schwarzenegger (2015)

His infamous phrase „I’ll be back“ in the 1984’s cult film THE TERMINATOR is known worldwide. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger is not only known as an actor but has also made a lasting impression as a professional bodybuilder, politician, activist and businessman. During this interview he gives his audience an intimate insight into his thoughts on his generation of action heroes and also shares his political opinions on the 2016’s presidential race and today’s environmental issues. You are about to get to know Arnold Schwarzenegger in a way you never thought possible!

Hosted by Steven Gätjen
Language: English
Duration: 45 minutes

Available on iTunes and Spotify.

Show Notes

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals the secret to his success in business, movies and politics. [03:50]
  • Some thoughts on why he decided to take part in the low-budget film MAGGIE, which shows a completely different side of him as an actor and deliberations on easily getting typecast in Hollywood. [08:56]
  • How he discovered his determination and resilience in everyday life from doing sports. [14:49]
  • Insights into his position as Governor of California and his focus on environmental issues. [18:58]
  • Previous films he enjoyed watching, such as SAN ANDREAS starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and his belief in the next generation of action heroes. [25:18]
  • He gets specific about his own strategies and solutions for the most pressing environmental issues. [32:19]
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger answers an audience question on whether he will do some more directing work or even get into scriptwriting. [36:25]
  • The conversation ends on his upcoming works like TRIPLETS or THE LEGEND OF CONAN. [42:41]