ZFF Masters: Glenn Close (2017)

ZFF Masters: Glenn Close

Glenn Close was a guest at the Zurich Film Festival in 2017 to receive the festival’s prestigious Golden Icon Award for having made a lasting artistic contribution to the art of cinema with films such as THE BIG CHILL, FATAL ATTRACTION, DANGEROUS LIAISONS and ALBERT NOBBS. Close is known for doing intensive research on her film roles. From taking the script for the 1987’s film FATAL ATTRACTION to real psychiatrists to adding phrases from the animated film 101 DALMATIANS to the role of Cruella De Vil in the 1996’s feature film to make her even meaner. There is not a single person she can’t charm with her energy and her incredible stories.

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Woody Harrelson - Zurich Film Festival

ZFF Masters: Woody Harrelson (2016)

This podcast presents a "ZFF Masters" with Woody Harrelson who was a guest at the festival in 2016 to personally present his film LBJ. He talks about the incredibly bumpy beginning of his career in New York, from the struggles of finding an agent, to giving up and finally landing his first acting job. Harrelson shares several hilarious anecdotes and he will surely entertain you just as he did the Swiss audiences during the Zurich Film Festival.

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Daniel Radcliffe - Zurich Film Festival

ZFF Masters: Daniel Radcliffe (2016)

Daniel Radcliffe was a guest at the Zurich Film Festival in 2016 to personally present his two films SWISS ARMY MAN and IMPERIUM. Radcliffe is without a doubt the most charming person you will ever encounter. In the most humorous and cordial way, he talks about the difficulties of playing a dead person in SWISS ARMY MAN and also reveals the huge respect he has for the theatre and the value and impact doing theatre has had on his confidence.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger - Zurich Film Festival

ZFF Masters: Arnold Schwarzenegger (2015)

His infamous phrase „I’ll be back“ in the 1984’s cult film THE TERMINATOR is known worldwide. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger is not only known as an actor but has also made a lasting impression as a professional bodybuilder, politician, activist and businessman. During this interview he gives his audience an intimate insight into his thoughts on his generation of action heroes and also shares his political opinions on the 2016’s presidential race and today’s environmental issues. You are about to get to know Arnold Schwarzenegger in a way you never thought possible!

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Todd Haynes - Zurich Film Festival

ZFF Masters: Todd Haynes (2015)

This podcast presents a „ZFF Masters“ with Todd Haynes, who proves himself to be a true cinephile with an unconditional passion for film history. He talks about the 1967’ film THE GRADUATE and what a huge impact the film and its main protagonist Benjamin had on him and his work. It is such a joy to listen to Haynes, who has been a pioneering filmmaker in the New Queer cinema movement, and what he has to say about the medium of film and why today’s sheer quantity of films often hinders young people from developing a real passion for film making and film history. This is for sure an episode that will change your perception on film!

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Susanne Bier

ZFF Masters: Susanne Bier (2014)

Danish director Susanne Bier gained world wide success with films such as AFTER THE WEDDING in 2006 and 2010’s IN A BETTER WORLD. She visited ZFF in 2014 to preside over the International Feature Film Jury. During her „ZFF Masters“ she talks about her approach to filmmaking and the hurdles she had to overcome in a male-dominated film industry. Moreover, she discusses challenges that European filmmakers have to face in Hollywood and stuns the audiences with her intelligent and self-reflecting nature.

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Hans Zimmer - Zurich Film Festival

ZFF Masters: Hans Zimmer (2014)

Hans Zimmer is one of the most famous and successful film composers in the world, having been nominated for an Academy Award an incredible 11 times. In 2014, a selection of his works was performed at the International Film Music Concert when he visited Zurich to receive the festival’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. During this interview, Zimmer talks about his close relationship to Christopher Nolan and their way of communicating with each other while working on a film. Hans Zimmer gives the audiences a fascinating insight into the incredible world of film music composing, in the most charming and humorous way. Please note that this interview is in German.

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ZFF Masters: Michael Haneke (2013)

Austrian film director and screenwriter Michael Haneke is an icon of Austrian cinema having made widely recognized films such as FUNNY GAMES, THE WHITE RIBBON and AMOUR. During this interview, he lets us in on the secrets of his infamous sequence shots and reveals his opinion on mainstream cinema and the recent increase in production values and costs in television. It is truly a joy to listen to what this fascinating director has to say. Please note that this interview is in German.

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Milos Forman

ZFF Masters: Milos Forman (2010)

This podcast presents a "ZFF Masters" with Czech filmmaker Milos Forman, who sadly passed away at the beginning of 2018. In the following interview, Forman shares hilarious little on-set anecdotes from improvised scenes in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST and teaching a horse to walk through a paper wall for several months in the 1984’s film AMADEUS.

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Sylvester Stallone

ZFF Masters: Sylvester Stallone (2008)

ZFF Masters with the one and only Sylvester Stallone: He was at the festival in 2008 to receive the prestigious Golden Icon Award. Mostly known as an action hero in films such as THE EXPENDABLES, RAMBO and the ROCKY series, in this “ZFF Masters” Stallone gives a very inspiring insight into his incredible work as a screenwriter and director and tells us why it is so important for directors to accept that a film will never be perfect.

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