ZFF Masters: Hans Zimmer

ZFF Masters: Hans Zimmer


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ZFF Masters: Hans Zimmer
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60 Min.

For over thirty years, film composer Hans Zimmer has created new cinematic worlds by merging traditional instruments and synthesized sounds. German-born Zimmer celebrated his breakthrough in 1988 with the music for RAIN MAN. He has since composed the music for over 100 films, and is the recipient of countless awards, including an Academy Award. His unforgettable scores include those for THE LION KING (1994), GLADIATOR (2001), THE DARK KNIGHT (2009) and INCEPTION (2010). Zimmer will speak at the ZFF MASTERS about the workings of a film composer. How can you take musical inspiration from the look and theme of a film while also adding your own accents? How does music influence the world of cinema and vice versa?

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