Poslednata lineika na Sofia / Sofia's Last Ambulance
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Premiere in the German-language Realm

Poslednata lineika na Sofia / Sofia's Last Ambulance

by Ilian Metev

Secondary title
Sofia's Last Ambulance
Country / Year
Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia / 2012
78 Min.
DOC: Social & Human Interest
Ilian Metev
Krassimir Yordanov,
Mila Mikhailova,
Plamen Slavkov

Bumpy are the pot-holed roads of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. Doctor Krassi, nurse Mila and driver Plamen fly over them daily at break-neck speed. Together the three form one of 13 ambulance teams providing assistance to over two million people. They zoom around the city on double shifts from one emergency to the next. Ilian Metev’s camera is not aimed at those in need of help – their dignity remains preserved. He focuses instead upon the rescue team Krassi, Mila and Plamen and their wild rides across the city on a never-ending battle with time – a feat almost impossible without humour. The ambulance team fight against a ramshackle health system with passion, selflessness and sometimes near resignation. Ilian Metlev accompanied the trio for more than two years to find images that make poetry of the human figure and this depiction of reality.

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