Atlikarinca / Merry Go Round
Swiss Premiere

Atlikarinca / Merry Go Round

by Ilksen Basarir

Secondary title
Merry Go Round
Country / Year
Turkey / 2011
93 Min.
Family Drama
Ilksen Basarir
Mert Firat,
Nergis Öztürk,
Sercan Bodur,
Eren Öner

Married couple Erdem and Sevil live with their two children Edip and Sevgi in a small Turkish town. Their lives change dramatically when the family moves to Istanbul to be with Sevil’s mother, whose health is deteriorating. Ten years later, Erdem is still hoping to fulfill his dreams to become a writer, and Edip has gone to study at a boarding school. Sevil notices that her daughter Sevgi has become much more introverted and increasingly unhappy at home since Edip left. When she tries to discover why, she stumbles upon a dark secret well hidden behind closed doors. In MERRY-GO-ROUND, Ilksen Basarir has managed to create a direct and moving family drama dealing with a taboo theme.

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