SRF Writer's Day


SRF Writer’s Day with ZFF Master Class 2018 at KOSMOS

The collaborative ‘SRF Writer’s Day with ZFF Master Class’ has been set up by ZFF and Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF) to promote Swiss authors and their work. After celebrating its successful launch at last year’s Zurich Film Festival, screenplay writing will once again be the focus of a full-day session when the second ‘SRF Writer’s Day with ZFF Master Class’ takes place on October 3, 2018 at the culture centre venue KOSMOS.

The ‘SRF Writer’s Day with ZFF Master Class’ kicks off in the morning with the pitching session of the sixth ‘Treatment Awards by SRF and Telepool’, during which five finalists get to present their exposés to a jury of four. Headed by Güzin Kar, the jury then chooses the best exposé, which this year has the theme ‘Together We Are Strong’. This unique competition aims to highlight how important the treatment phase is within the material and screenplay development stage of Swiss cinema.

Open to the general public, the second part of the ‘SRF Writer’s Day with ZFF Master Class’ at KOSMOS begins in the afternoon with the launch event of the ‘ZFF Master Class’ strand. The five-day ‘ZFF Master Class’ strand is an annual event that brings together emerging filmmakers with international film experts, and acts as an important networking platform for creative talent.

The launch event on October 3, 2018 at the KOSMOS Forum sees a doyen of screenplay writing offer insight into their working methods while allowing the audience to profit from their rich experience.

The highlight of the ‘SRF Writer‘s Day with ZFF Master Class’ is the early evening public screenplay reading at the KOSMOS Forum, where actors and actresses read excerpts from screenplay projects by previous winners of the ‘Treatment Awards by SRF and Telepool’ and from screenplays by participants of the ‘Munich-Zurich Screenplay Workshop’, a collaborative project between SRF and FOCAL since 2011.  

The ‘SRF Writer‘s Day with ZFF Master Class’ comes to a close with the ‘ZFF Talent Night’ at the KOSMOS Club. This event celebrates young talent and facilitates direct, on-the-spot exchange with celebrities from the national and international film scenes.