Production Funding


Every year the «Association for Film Funding in Switzerland» provides CHF 100'000 of funding donated by IWC Schaffhausen for films in the production or post-production phase. The funds will be awarded either to one or shared between several film projects and serve in their entirety to support the project(s). The most promising film productions will be chosen from the submissions by a jury. The winner(s) will be announced within the framework ot the Zurich Film Festival during the IWC Gala.

Past Winners

PARADISE WAR by Niklaus Hilber, Production: Valentin Greutert (A Film Company)

FORTUNA by Geminal Roaux, Production: Ruth Waldburger (Vega Film)
DAS BLUE NOTE PROJECT von Sophie Huber, Production: Hercil Bundi and Susanne Guggenberger (Mira Film)

EUROPE, SHE LOVES by Jan Gassmann, Production: Lisa Blatter (2:1 Film)
UND MORGEN SEID IHR TOT by Michael Steiner, Production: Bernhard Burgener and Norbert Preuss (Kontraproduktion)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Documentary or feature film of min. 60 minutes duration
  • Reference to Switzerland (producers or directors who have had operational headquarters / principal residence in Switzerland for the last two years of more)
  • Film is in production or post-production phase (project is not more than 3 years in post-production)

The call for projects starts in June 2018.