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Industry Desk

The Industry Desk is located in the Festival Centre at Sechseläutenplatz, the main festival location with the Green Carpet, bar and seating area. The Industry Desk is your main port of call for information and picking up your accreditation when you arrive.

Ticket Pick-Up

Access to regular screenings requires an additional ticket because we operate a numbered seating system. Tickets can be picked up for the same day or the day after. Our two pick-up stations are: the Industry Desk and Riffraff cinema. Simply present your industry pass and you will be issued your ticket. Upon entering the theatre you will have to present both pass and ticket.

ZFF Video Library

A selection of films will be available for viewing in the online ZFF Video Library hosted by Cinando. You will receive your personal login via e-mail. If you have any issues please contact: [email protected]


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Reta Guetg: [email protected] (Head of Industry) 

Iria Gutscher: [email protected]

Daniela Engler: [email protected]

Debroah Schmidlin: [email protected]