When is the next festival?

Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) 2020 will take place from September 24 to October 4, 2020.

Do you accept short films?

No, unfortunately not. All submitted films must be at least 60 minutes long.

Does ZFF have a competition?

Yes. The competition comprises of the following three categories:

    •    International Feature Film Competition
    •    International Documentary Film Competition
    •    Focus Switzerland, Germany, Austria (Feature Films and Documentary Films)

For TV Series: International Series Competition

Do you accept TV series?

Yes. Go to International Series Competition for more information.

How do I submit?

All film submissions to ZFF must be made via the FilmFreeway. To create a FilmFreeway account and submit your film to ZFF, please visit the FilmFreeway website.

How many films can I submit?

You may submit as many films as you like providing each film meets the submission criteria and requirements. Please ensure that each film is on its own secure link.

Do you accept Works In Progress (WIPs) or ‘rough cuts’?

Yes, ZFF does accept Works in Progress submission. But films must be at least in picture lock stage. Please label clearly what’s in progress (e.g. Colour grading etc.)

When will I be informed about the outcome of my submission?

We will email the main contact of the submission via email no later than the end of August. As we administer a vast number of submissions, we ask that you please be patient with hearing from us.

If you need further assistance after reading through the Submissions FAQ and regulations, please contact Christine Albrecht [email protected].