Zurich Summit


The Zurich Summit has its origin in the Film Finance Forum that is realised annually in Los Angeles, New York, Cannes, Shanghai, and Rio de Janeiro. First implemented within the framework of the Zurich Film Festival 2010, the Film Finance Forum @ Zurich Film Festival has developed into a major platform dealing with film financing, marketing and distribution in the German-speaking world. Now it forms the basis of the very first ZURICH SUMMIT. The event is organised by the Spoundation Motion Picture AG in association with Winston | Baker and the Zurich Film Festival.

Zurich Summit is a hub for entrepreneurs, leading figures and creatives from the film, entertainment and media industries. With the realisation that these sectors are increasingly operating as one unit rather than individual enterprises, it is the aim of Zurich Summit to bring together their diversities.

Learning from other successful models, adapting them and allowing you to profit - that is the primary goal of Zurich Summit. It is about the exchange of new ideas, contacts and models. In addition to panels and round tables, the forum also offers one-on-one discussions with its speakers.

Further information can be found under: zurichsummit.com