Protection Plan


We are delighted to welcome you to the 17th Zurich Film Festival. In order that you may enjoy our programme with as little worry as possible, we have put together the following protection plan, which naturally complies with the regulations and directives of the Swiss Federal Government and is based on the recommendations set out by the industry association.

Please note that the protection plan may be adapted at any time to comply with new or altered official directives. We recommend, therefore, that you return here on the day of your visit to check for any altered or additional measures.

Certificate in all interiors

To enter the interior of all locations, you must present a valid Covid certificate and a photo identification document. Controls will prolong entry times, so please arrive at the cinema early and have your documents ready for inspection.

The certificate obligation applies, for example, to all cinema screenings, the Festival Centre, partner events, special events such as Opening Night or Award Night. This list is not conclusive.

Mask at the Green Carpet

Fan zones will be set up at the Green Carpet. The number of people per fan zone is limited. Visitors and staff must wear a mask inside these fan zones.

Only registered press representatives and photographers will be allowed into the press area. It is obligatory to wear a mask in the press area.

The Green Carpet is located in an outdoor area, therefore no Covid certificate needs to be shown.


We do not offer our own testing stations, but in the surroundings of all locations, the possibility is offered to be tested free of charge until 30 September upon presentation of a Swiss health insurance card.

The following locations are recommended for visiting the ZFF:

A complete listing of all test stations can be found on the canton's website. Please check the relevant homepage for opening hours and available dates.


All employees wear masks indoors and undergo regular testing.

Cashless payments

We ask you to purchase tickets online whenever possible. This helps to reduce the number of contact points. Thanks to our partner Mastercard, you can easily and conveniently make cashless and contactless payments at all festival venues.

General information about the Covid certificate (vaccinated, recovered, tested)

Covid certificates issued in Switzerland or the EU are valid for entry. You will receive a Covid certificate if you have been vaccinated, have recovered from Covid-19, or have been tested negative by an authorised person using PCR or antigen testing.

Valid forms of photo identification documents include, for example, a passport, identity card, driving license, residence permit, student ID or SwissPass.

A negative test without a valid Covid certificate is not sufficient to gain access to a venue. A valid Covid certificate must be presented at the entrance along with a photo identification document. The Covid certificate is required by authorities for visitors over the age of 16 and not required for children/youths under the age of 16.

After your certificate has been checked, there is no need to wear a mask or be seated when eating and drinking. No seats are left free in the theatres between separate groups of visitors.

Persons who are unable to present a valid Covid certificate or a photo identification document will not be admitted to the location and will not be entitled to a refund.

For more information on the validity and issuance criteria of Covid certificates, please visit the Federal Office of Public Health website.

Valid from: 8 September 2021