ZFF Masters: Rob Reiner

06. June 2018

Two-time Emmy award winner Rob Reiner first came to fame as an actor on the landmark television series ALL IN THE FAMILY. He went on to become an acclaimed director of some of the most popular and influential motion pictures of the last 35 years.

From THIS IS SPINAL TAP, STAND BY ME, THE PRINCESS BRIDE and WHEN HARRY MET SALLY..., to MISERY, A FEW GOOD MEN, THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, GHOSTS OF MISSISSIPPI, THE BUCKET LIST and LBJ, Reiner has shown versatility in tackling different genres. His latest film, SHOCK AND AWE, chronicles the work of four journalists from Knight Ridder news who were virtually alone in reporting the truth behind the Bush Administration’s justifications for invading Iraq in 2003. Reiner was honored with the 'A Tribute To…' Award at ZFF 2017.

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