Roman Polanski, Marc Forster and strong entries by Swiss female filmmakers at ZFF

02. October 2017

The new ZFF week kicks off with strong Swiss competition entries from directors Katharina Wyss and Lisa Brühlmann. The drama SARAH JOUE UN LOUP-GAROU (17:45, Piccadilly), which screens in the presence of Katharina Wyss and the film’s lead actress Loane Balthasar, is followed an hour later by three equally strong female figures of Swiss cinema when director Lisa Brühlmann and actresses Luna Wedler and Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen present their coming-of-age drama BLUE MY MIND (18.45, Corso 2).

Three films enter the race for the Golden Eye in the Documentary Film Competition category: we dive into the absurd world of penguin hunting in the Amazon in Mark Grieco’s A RIVER BELOW (18.30, Corso 4); Danish-born Camilla Magid takes us on a highly emotional journey into the lives of three recently released, long-term prisoners attempting to carve out a new life for themselves in LAND OF THE FREE (20.00, Arthouse Piccadilly); and Ramona S. Diaz offers us a peek inside the world’s largest maternity hospital, which is located in Manila, in her doc MOTHERLAND (20.45, Corso 4). The directors will present their entries in person and remain on hand to answer questions about their films.

We also welcome well-known ZFF guest and former A Tribute to… award recipient Roman Polanski to the Green Carpet. The director is in Zurich with his wife and the film’s lead actress Emmanuelle Seigner to present their most recent production, the thriller D'APRÈS UNE HISTOIRE VRAIE (18:00, Corso 1). CROWN HEIGHTS (20.30, Arthouse Le Paris) highlights the unbelievable story of Colin Warner, played by actor and rapper Lakeith Stanfield, who was wrongly jailed in the USA for 21 years. Filmmaker Matt Ruskin and Colin Warner will be at the Arthouse Le Paris cinema to present their film in person.

Those who want to experience the gifted Swiss director Marc Forster up-close and personal can make their way to the Green Carpet no later than 20:30 – or sit patiently until 21:00 in Corso’s theatre 1, where he will present his most recent movie ALL I SEE IS YOU.

Good to know:

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A short note about sold-out screenings: 
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