01. December 2016

After screening in our competition section, the conspiracy thriller OPERATION AVALANCHE by Canadian filmmaker Matt Johnson hits cinemas today in German-speaking Switzerland. A mysterious death turns a G8 summit on its head in the drama LE CONFESSIONI. Brooklyn, New York: teenagers Jake and Tony fight for their friendship in LITTLE MEN. In cinemas from today!

OPERATION AVALANCHE by Matt Johnson | USA, 2016

At the height of the Cold War in 1967, the heads of the CIA fear a Russian spy may jeopardise the first moon landing, NASA’s so-called Apollo Mission. Under the guise of documentary filmmakers, the overzealous newcomer-agents Matt and Owen infiltrate NASA’s headquarters in order to expose the mole. As the two detectives eavesdrop on secret internal calls, they make a shocking discovery – and soon come up with an ingenious plan to avert a national disaster…
Using undercover, guerrilla-style filming techniques at NASA’s headquarters combined with found footage and adding a large pinch of humour, filmmaker Matt Johnson, who plays the role of agent Matt, has created a film on the 1960s Cold War craze that denounces every conspiracy theory surrounding the moon landing. OPERATION AVALANCHE is also passionate homage to the art of filmmaking.


LE CONFESSIONI by Roberto Andò | Italy, France, 2016

Behind the walls of a luxurious hotel complex on Germany’s Sea coast, the finance ministers of the most powerful industrial nations have been invited by France’s Daniel Roché, head of the IMF, to hold a secret summit. Between dinners and wellness sessions, the G8 decision-makers hope to agree on comprehensive economic reforms at the cost of smaller nations as soon as possible. To everyone’s surprise, Italian monk Roberto Salus has also been invited – a mysterious, level-headed man who is present for a very specific reason: Roché would like him to take his confession the night before the final, decisive meeting. The next morning, Roché is found dead… Played by the great Toni Servillo, director Roberto Andò gives us a fantastic hero in the form of a monk who refuses to be intimidated by high-ranking individuals.


LITTLE MEN by Ira Sachs | USA, 2016

Brooklyn in the summertime. Together with his family, shy teenager Jake moves into the house of his recently deceased grandfather. The lively Tony and his single mother, who runs a small sewing studio on the ground floor, live under the same roof. Jake and Tony soon realise they have a lot in common – computer games, art and girls. While the two boys forge their friendship, the adults around them enter an increasingly harsh conflict. With no money left, Jake’s parents have little choice but to dramatically increase the rent for the studio, which leaves Tony’s mother in despair. Taking the gentrification of New York as its backdrop, LITTLE MEN is dedicated to the friendship of two boys who are able to free themselves from the influences of the adult world.