Ewan McGregor's directorial debut AMERICAN PASTORAL and comedy WAR ON EVERYONE in cinemas

17. November 2016

Ewan McGregor’s directorial debut AMERICAN PASTORAL is the long-awaited adaptation of the eponymous novel by Philip Roth. With WAR ON EVERYONE the irish director John Michael McDonagh (THE GUARD) returns with a delightfully farcical cop comedy. Both ZFF Gala Premieres hit Swiss cinemas today.

AMERICAN PASTORAL by Ewan McGregor | USA 2016

On the surface it seems that Seymour "Swede" Levov and his wife, Dawn, are the perfect American couple. The celebrated former athlete, who runs his father’s business, and the former beauty queen live an orderly life together with their daughter, Merry, in 1960s New Jersey. When protests against the Vietnam War spread across the country and Merry, to the horror of her parents, joins a group of radicals who fight American policy, however, the family idyll is shattered. As the young rebels become embroiled in a deadly bomb attack on a family friend, Merry disappears, breaking off all contact with her parents. Swede would do anything to find his daughter – but his world spirals increasingly out of control.


WAR ON EVERYONE by John Michael McDonagh | UK, 2016

The two cops-in-crime Terry Monroe and Bob Bolaño are everything but honourable police officers: they extort gangsters, snort illegal substances, refuse to economise on alcohol and smash the odd smart car against a wall. With their own and often violent approach to the law, the duo is feared even more by their colleagues than by criminals in New Mexico. The dirty business conducted by these guardians of the law runs like a well-oiled machine. But there’s one force they did not reckon with: Upper class British criminal Lord James Mangan who, following a robbery, has got his eye on the very same prey.