Absurdly amusing: SWISS ARMY MAN in cinemas – island fun with a corpse

27. October 2016

Renowned film clip maker The Daniels’ absurdly surreal debut SWISS ARMY MAN is one of the most fascinating – and controversial – films of the year. We ride on a wave of fantasy and experience a broad spectrum of emotions with the film’s stars Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. Having been shown in the 12th ZFF’s "Special Screenings" section, this comedy caper hits cinemas in German-speaking Switzerland today.  

SWISS ARMY MAN by Daniel Scheinert & Daniel Kwan | USA 2016

Stranded on a remote island and full of desperation, Hank is just about to take his own life when suddenly a body washes up on the beach. With great enthusiasm Hank sets about discovering the versatility of a rotting corpse. Which is manifold: The cadaver can be used to make a fire, as quasi-jet-skis to get to the next island and its erection as a signpost back to civilisation! Hank has finally found somebody with whom he can pass the time and shake off his loneliness. SWISS ARMY MAN opens and crosses formal and content-based boundaries with overwhelming creativity. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe embark on an emotional and fantastic journey. This surreal-absurd feature film debut from music clip makers „The Daniels“ is one of the most fascinating and controversial films of the year.

"… a surprisingly multifaceted interaction in which Paul Dano’s acting genius and Rad­cliffe’s reduced mischievous mimicry compliment each other perfectly.” (FRAME)