ZFF Day by Day / 10

05. October 2013

Saturday sees the presentation of the prizes at the ZFF Award Night. The Green Carpet will be rolled out in front of Zurich Opera House ready for the likes of Michael Haneke, who will collect his A Tribute To… Award this evening. Autographs and photos at the Green Carpet from 19:00 onwards. Friends of exceptional Austrian cinema can also look forward to the impressive portrait film MICHAEL H. – PROFESSION DIRECTOR and DAS WEISSE BAND (Filmpodium, from 18:00).

Just two more days of ZFF – the perfect excuse to embark on a mini film marathon! Numerous competition favourites are waiting to be viewed again throughout the day today. Kids and families can look forward to CITA (10.00), BELIEVE (12.30) and OTTO ER ET NAESHORN (15.00) at the Arena Cinemas.

With Harrison Ford at 11.00, Marc Forster at 13.30 and Markus Imhoof at 15.00, the ZFF MASTERS sessions form another of today’s highlights. Meet with our MSF friends for the screening of LEAVING GREECE (12:30, corso 4), which is followed by a panel discussion about Europe’s asylum policy.

There are three gems on the New World View programme: EDEN (13:30, Arena 8), with the enchanting Leandra Leal, the beautifully filmed hipster picture CORES (16:15) and the Brazilian western FAROESTE CABOCLO (18:30).

In the Gala Premieres section we celebrate Jim Jarmusch’s latest film ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE (21:00, corso 1) and the 3D doc shot in the Amazon Rainforest AMAZONIA (18:30, corso 1). There is also a chance to catch up on various competition favourites. A complete list of today’s screenings can be found here