Friday at a glance

30. September 2011

Did you ever want to discuss the films of Alejandro González Iñárritu with the man himself? Now you can go for it within the framework of today’s Public Zurich Master Class (Filmpodium, 18:15) – prepare yourself beforehand by taking in his film 21 GRAMS (Filmpodium, 15:00). Escorted by his entire film crew, filmmaker Oliver Rihs is on hand for the world premiere screening of DATING LANZELOT (Arena 9, 19:00) – laugh attacks guaranteed! ‘onedotzero’ enters round two at Plaza (WOW & FLUTTER, 20:30). The world premiere of LEMON is a must-see for slam poetry fans. ‘Lemon’ is present at the screening – and who knows, perhaps he can be persuaded to give a live taste of his talent…!?