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Zurich Film Day


Tuesday, September 29

Zurich Film Festival and the Zürcher Filmstiftung organise the very first Zurich Film Day on Tuesday, September 29. Various films made in Zurich that are part of the ZFF programme will be shown throughout the day. Furthermore, the public is given the opportunity to sneak a peek behind the scenes of the Zurich filmmaking industry: from 10.00 until 18.00, people can take an open-day ‘film stroll’ along the value chain of the filmmaking business by visiting production companies and filmmaking enterprises. The day promises special treats like the presentation of a film music reel, self-made animations and special effects demos. Language: German

Zurich Films on September 29th / Zurich

13.30    SAMI, JOE UND ICH, Kosmos 6
14.45    KLEINE HEIMAT, Corso 3
15.30    WANDA, MEIN WUNDER, Le Paris
15.30    SPAGAT, Kosmos 4
18.00    W. – WAS VON DER LÜGE BLEIBT, Corso 2
18.15     BEYTO, Kosmos 6
18.30    ZÜRCHER TAGEBUCH, Kosmos 1
20.30    DER AST, AUF DEM ICH SITZE, Corso 3
20.45    EDEN FÜR JEDEN, Le Paris
21.00     NOT ME – A JOURNEY WITH NOT VITAL, Filmpodium


Ateliergemeinschaft: Egger, Waltert, von Virág / animation film, production
Offers an insight into animation filmmaking – from development to implementation.

Zimmerlistr. 6, 8004 Zurich
Open doors 12.00–12.45 and 16.00–16.45

Anete Melece, Brunner&Meyer / animation film
Animation duo for kid’s films and experimental films, animation filmmaker and CH Film Award-winner.
Eglistr. 8, 8004 Zurich
Open doors 13.00–13.45 and 17.00–17.45

Zürcher Filmstiftung / film funding
We show you how a Swiss film gets financed and what role the Filmstiftung plays.
Heinrichstr. 147, 8005 Zurich
Open doors 11.00–12.00 and 15.00–16.00

Filmgerberei / production
Came to fame with advertising. Freelance film production since 2014.
Gasometerstr. 29 a/b, 8005 Zurich
Open doors 11.00–11.45 and 14.00–14.45

Andromeda Film AG / post production
From colour correction to special effects – how to ensure a film has the right look. Uses examples from SCHWESTERLEIN, TATORT, ZÜRCHER TAGEBUCH and other current productions.
Neugasse 6, 8005 Zurich
Open doors 13.00–14.00 and 16.00–17.00

Maximage GmbH / production
Produces documentary and feature films with visionary authors, including ABOVE AND BEWLOW, KÖPEK and BECOMING ANIMAL
Neugasse 6, 8005 Zurich
Open doors 12.00–13.00 and 15.00–16.00

Magnetix Tonstudio AG / film sound
Offers insight into the scoring of ZÜRCHER TAGEBUCH – Stefan Haupt (world premiere ZFF) and MY WONDERFUL WANDA – Bettina Oberli (Opening Film ZFF).
Neugasse 10, 8005 Zurich
Open doors 11.00–12.00 and 14.00–15.00

Ascot Elite Entertainm. / distribution
Brings films from around the word to Swiss screens, e.g. PLATZSPITZBABY, ZWINGLI, GREEN BOOK.
Badenerstr. 156, 8004 Zurich
Open doors 11.00–12.00 and 15.00–16.00

tellfilm GmbH / production
Known since 1997 for such movie hits as BLUE MY MIND, TIERE and DER GROSSE SOMMER. Their most recent production, "Monte Verità", is currently in production.

Badenerstr. 141, 8004 Zurich
Open doors 10.00–11.00 and 16.00–17.00

Turnus Film / production
Produces national and international cinema and TV films, including the cinema hit WOLKENBRUCH, DER GOALIE BIN IG and various episodes of TATORT.

Badenerstr. 141, 8004 Zurich
Open doors 11.00–12.00 and 17.00–18.00

Great Garbo / Baldenweg / film music
The Baldenweg siblings compose music for TV series (Netfix) and feature films (e.g. the cinema hits DIE KLEINE HEXE and ZWINGLI).
Birmensdorferstr. 123, 8003 Zurich
Open doors 12.00–14.00

CognitoFilms / production
At the ZFF with SPAGAT, this production company is also responsible for GOLIATH and ANOTHER REALITY.
Erlachstr. 25, 8003 Zurich
Open doors 13.00–14.00 and 17.00–18.00

Catpics AG / production
Has been producing film classics for cinema and TV like TSCHÄSS, DIE HERBSTZEITLOSEN, GRIPSHOLM and DER MEIENBERG since 1984.
Erlachstr. 25, 8003 Zurich
Open doors 13.00–14.00 and 17.00–18.00

Important Information

Due to Covid-19 and to limited space, it's compulsory to wear a mask during your visit. You must also leave your details on entry to every business for contact tracing purposes. Hand disinfectant will be availa- ble at all locations.