Lifetime Achievement Award: Armin Mueller-Stahl


Armin Mueller-Stahl is one of the most internationally renowned and highly celebrated German actors. But the man who can portray a loving grandfather (AVALON, 1990) as convincingly as he does an unscrupulous Mafia boss (EASTERN PROMISES, 2007) is much more than just a character actor. This talented musician, painter and author began his acting career under the most difficult of circumstances in the GDR, continued in West Germany, and made the big leap to Hollywood in the 1980s. We know his memorable characters from Fassbinder’s LOLA (1981), the Academy Award-nominated biopic SHINE (1996), and as Thomas Mann in the magnificent multi-part TV series DIE MANNS – EIN JAHRHUNDERTROMAN (2001). The 84-year-old now dedicates most of his time to music and painting.

Armin Mueller-Stahl will accept the Lifetime Achievement Award in person at the corso cinema on Monday, September 28. Jim Jarmusch’s NIGHT ON EARTH (1991) will be screened in his honour.

Award ceremony with Armin Mueller-Stahl & Special Screening of NIGHT ON EARTH

Monday, 28.09.15, 18:30, Arthouse Le Paris